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Caleb VanDeman

Founder & CEO

Caleb is an insatiably curious, out-of-the-box thinker, who sees the world like an artist, but needs to make sense of things like a scientist. SocialWorks was built around his passion for understanding what makes humans tick and how we can leverage technology to connect consumers with brands they love. He drives the success of our clients by diving deep into the “Why” and their end goals, systematically breaking down the challenges into its assorted pieces, and then creating a process to ensure we deliver the results through a rigorous process of "truth finding"--trying to learn as much as we possibly can in the search of the optimal route. If there’s a way to get it done, Caleb will figure it out.

Beyond that, Caleb brings a level of optimism and ingenuity that are contagious to those who get a chance to work with him. He has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years across a variety of disciplines. Prior to SocialWorks, Caleb was overseeing nearly over 1,500 clients. He has worked with companies large and small, including a number or Fortune 500 client and thousands of small to medium businesses across the world.

Andrew Inserra

Lead Media Buyer

Andrew really, really loves a good story. As a top Digital Media Buyer, he understands the dynamics of blending storytelling with ROI. Whether you’re launching a brand or evolving your sales, Andrew has a tactical approach to building long-term value in the marketplace, driven by intense curiosity and an ongoing “test and learn” approach that allows him to understand the story behind the numbers and data, and an uncanny knack for knowing what to do next.

All of these strengths are wrapped up in Andrew's passion for people--how we interact with each other, with a brand, a product, or an idea. In addition to his work with SocialWorks, Andrew is the co-founder and co-host of The Backpocket Podcast — where two wildly average hosts have conversations with people who they’re genuine curious about. After 3+ years of work and 100,000 downloads, the podcast has cultivated into a community of people who are working toward growing and developing each day because every day we have a chance to win. Let’s win today!

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